Safety first

Given our upcoming weather forecast, a gentle reminder, if you have to go out in inclement weather, make sure you have water and snacks in your vehicle. If you get stuck, as they did in Virginia yesterday, you will be all set. Just throw a bag of essentials – maybe add a blanket, flashlight along with the food and water in your trunk for the winter. Is your dog always with you? Add dog food and a bowl! You may never need it but it will be there if you do!

May be an image of car, snow and road
Don’t get caught unprepared!

January Moon

Our first full Moon of the year arrives on the 17th. Find out why this Moon is named for those famous keening canines.

How Much Do You Know About January's Full Wolf Moon?

Top ten Checkouts for DFL

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Top 10 checkouts for the DFL 2021. What was your favorite book this year?
-The Midnight Library
-Dogman. Lord of the fleas
-How not to Die Cookbook
-Falling Falling
-The pigeon wants a puppy!
– The restaurant
– Madeline Treasury: the original stories
– A Stranger Killed Katy: the true story of Katherine Hawelka, her murder on a New York campus, and how her family fought back
-American Dirt: a novel
-Beautiful oops!